ReAction Figures Alien Special Action Figure Set

Journey into the mysterious Derelict Spaceship with the ReAction Figures Nostromo Crew Special Action Figure Set!

Dallas, Lambert and Kane don their spacesuits to venture out of the safety of the Nostromo Spaceship to investigate a distress signal on a distant planet. Little do they know the terror they are about to unleash!

The ReAction Figures Alien Nostromo Crew Special Action Set contains three 3.75″ sturdy, plastic ReAction Figures packaged in a deluxe, authentically detailed blister-carded 3-pack window box. Each character is a faithful representation of the character in the classic Alien film, including all-new head sculptures for Dallas and Lambert.

The ReAction Figures Nostromo Crew Special Action Figure Set will be available from Super7 at New York Comic Con, October 8-11. $45 each.

Alien Special Action Figure Set

Nostromo Crew