Skeletor’s Lair Print by Jason Edmiston

The SDCC 2015 Skeletor’s Lair Pop-Up shop lasted for one week only, but now you can turn your own home into Skeletor’s Lair forever! Super7 is pleased to offer a limited print edition of the Skeletor’s Lair portrait by Jason Edmiston. This gorgeous giclee print features the Lord of Destruction as the Lord of the Manor, taking a moment between adventures to relax by the fireplace on his Battle Cat fur rug.

The 18″ x 24″ signed and numbered¬†edition of 100 Skeletor’s Lair giclee is printed on heavy, textured, acid-free paper using archival inks perfectly matched to the vibrant colors of the original acrylic painting by Jason Edmiston. Printed by Dave Correia.

Available Wednesday, July 29th, 12noon PST, at and, $60 each. Prints ship August 15th.

Skeletor's Lair Giclee Print

Skeletor’s Lair Giclee Print