New Misty Fog and Gargamel!

Get em while they’re hot! Two new cool dudes from some old cool dudes you’ve maybe heard of, the mighty Gargamel and Misty Fog!

Available now!
New Misty Fog Tango!
Tango is a 7″ muscle-bound, horn-headed, cyclops who means nothing but beeswax. Cast in clear vinyl with embedded silver glitter and blue, purple, pink, gold and black sprays.


New Gargamel Houkai!!
This 5″ tall decapitated demon from Gargamel’s Vinyl Quest is cast in glow-in-the-dark vinyl with blue, grey, black, orange, and silver sprays. The horrific, headless Houkai even comes complete with glowing spear accessory!Gargamel Houkai