Super7 at DesignerCon

DesignerCon is just around the corner and Super7 will be there, along with the Ancient History Caveman Dinosaur and the debut of Brian Flynn’s Pie Guy! Visit the Super7 booth at DesignerCon to check out these two new creations and other special surprises, custom toys, original art and more!

The Pumpkin Pie Guy is here just in time for Thanksgiving dessert! Following several too-delicious-for-their-own-good Kandy Kaiju before him, the Pie Guy ensures you will always have a companion for dessert, for just as long as you can keep him from becoming dessert. The Pumpkin Pie Guy is cast in brown and tan vinyls with white spray, $25 each.

Hailing from 100 Million Years Ago, the Ancient History Caveman Dinosaur bridges the gap between thinking animal and brutish beast, as the first creature in history to use a tool in the form of his trusty club, wear animal skin clothing, and growl ‘Get off My Lawn!”. The Ancient History Caveman Dinosaur is cast in baby blue vinyl with lavender, green, orange, red and brown sprays, $35 each.