A million thanks to everyone for the overwhelmingly positive response to our ALIEN ReAction Figure exclusives for San Diego Comic Con!  Looks like we are going to have a very busy booth at SDCC this year…and that is awesome!    For all the details on the ALIEN exclusives, please check out this post:

With the reaction to ReAction being so strong, we feel it is necessary to limit the DISCOVERED SALES SAMPLE 2-PACK of BIG CHAP & KANE to one set per customer.   This is a limited edition item available only at SDCC, and we would like to be able to supply the figures to as many different customers as possible before the inevitable sell out.   Your understanding is greatly appreciated.

We also have fielded many questions about the ALIEN ReAction Figures availability, so we put together a short FAQ which you can read here:

Our exclusives are now listed on the official SDCC website as well….spread the word!

We have many more exclusives left to announce! We have at least 15 different Designer Vinyl Toy announcements to make, so stay tuned!


  1. Hey Super7! I see that the “Discovered Sale Samples” 2-pack is limited to 1 per customer, but what about the Early Bird Package/Full Set Pre-order? Is that also limited to 1 per customer or can someone pre-order 2 sets to get 2 of the Early Bird packages. I have a friend who can’t make it to SDCC and want to see if I’ll be able to order a set for him, too. Thanks!

  2. Currently, we are not limiting the EARLY BIRD preorders. If things get totally nuts at the convention, we may limit to 1 per customer, so try to get to the booth early!

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