A Little Bit Pink GID Mummy Boy & Yuletide Honoo

A Little Bit Pink, this Mummy Boy isn't a bit shy as he's got a glowing personality. The mascot of Super7, Mummy Boy lost his arm (and his mind) a long time ago, but he doesn't care – he's just happy to be here. Super7's Mummy Boy is cast in GID vinyl with Pink sprays. $50 each.

If you like the holidays and look forward to what you're going to get, Yuletide Honoo is ready to join in on the celebrations. Hidden in a blind bag, Honoo comes in two different versions: Undecorated and the Decorated chase filled with tinsels. Leecifer's Honoo is cast in Clear Green vinyl. Undecorated version has Silver, Red, Green and Brown sprays. Decorated chase version has Silver, Green, Yellow, Brown sprays and is filled with tinsel. $35 each.

Mummy Boy and Honoo will be available for sale this Friday, December 16th at Noon Pacific at the Super7 Store and online.