Stormtrooper Pre-Order Ends Next Week

The countdown clock on the home page is ticking away, chronicling the final week for the EARLY BIRD PREORDER SPECIAL.  Don't miss out on reserving your Super Shogun, and getting it shipped to you FIRST and for FREE!

The Early Bird special is inspired by the original Christmas 1977 preorder event in which fans were treated to a certificate while they waited for the first-ever Star Wars figures to arrive.  Our own Early Bird program will conclude at 12:00am Midnight PST next Wednesday, March 17th. 

We creep ever closer to the on-sale date of Saturday May 29th – just in time for the 30th anniversary of Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back!

Early Bird Pre-Order Available here.


One thought on “Stormtrooper Pre-Order Ends Next Week

  1. That picture of the Jumbo on top of the pile of yellowed troopers is awesome. I, uh, don’t suppose you’d have a wallpaper image of that…Crossing off the days on my calendar…

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