Encyclopedia of Kaiju


Super7 is proud to handle the US distribution of 'An Encyclopedia of Kaiju', a new overview of contemporary Japanese vinyl toys  assembled by Hyper Hobby editor Kanou Ishizaka, with help from Super7's own Brian Flynn.  Available now for pre-order.

Each book comes with mail-in coupon for a Price Brothers set, from Gargamel and Super7, featuring a Gargamel Bangal Price and Super7 Mini Hollis.  Pre-Orders will ship mid-February.

2 thoughts on “Encyclopedia of Kaiju

  1. What is the coupon good for? Does it reserve your place to order the set? How much will the set cost?

  2. The coupon is used to buy the set.  I think the set will cost $125-$130 but I am waiting on confirmation.

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