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Tokyo Underground2 is drawing near!  Three days of guided tours to the best of Tokyo’s toy shops, starting with a Halloween night Super7xGargamel party at Thrashout (Gargamel’s flagship store) and ending at the Tokyo Toy Festival at Tokyo Big Sight on Novermber 3rd.

Meet 9am @ the Hachiko statue at the Shibuya Station

Saturday October 31st – Nakano, Koenji, Gargamel Thrash Out Party
Sunday November 1st – Aoto, Jyarinco, Akihabara
Monday November 2nd – Shibuya, Harajuku, Aoyama, Ekoda, Shikaruna/Characters city
Tuesday November 3rd – TTF, ToysRUs

The S7 crew will be at the Cerulean Tower Hotel ( under Brian Flynn if anyone needs to drop them a message.

Here is a link (third entry down) with a photo and map of the hachiko statue, outside Shibuya Station –

For info, please email

PS – Here is a sneak peak of a new figure to debut at the Tokyo Toy Fest.



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  1. I was given Tokyo Underground just before my toy hunting expedition in 2008. Now I need to get my hands on number 2. WANT WANT. You guys are fantastic, and I managed to get a whole bunch of store owners to sign my last copy.

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