On the road again!

Hello again friends!  It's been a few days since an update so I wanted to fill everyone in.  We traveled to Santa Cruz and Half Moon Bay.  There were a few friends in Santa Cruz that we saw in Fresno.  I got to see Chris again, this time he was sporting some awesome shades. 😉


It was awesome to see him again.  HOTW also got a new shirt design in stock so I was trying to get those moving. 


The day after Santa Cruz we headed to Half Moon Bay for "Kinda Like A Fest 5."  It was a really cool punk rock festival that had quite a few awesome bands.  I got to see an amazing band called Broadway Calls and I also met the bassist Matt.  He adored me 🙂



I spent quite a few hours selling merch and made BANK!!


After Half Moon Bay we headed up to San Francisco to stay with Alex from Super7.  Upon rolling in to his house I had a very touching moment.  I finally got to see my father again.  We had a long talk that lasted most of the night.  I'm hoping we didn't keep anyone up.



There was also a rather large family reunion.



It was really great to see everyone.  A lot more from the road very soon!!!

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