Mummy Boy joins Hour of the Wolf on tour

Hello friends!  Today I embarked on a journey with my friends in Hourof the Wolf.  We're out on a 13 day tour around the west coast.  Wewere supposed to play Riverside, CA on Wednesday but Hour of the Wolfhad some van trouble so they had to cancel the first show.  Tonightthey played in Fresno and I met lots of new friends.

Our day started out at 6 am.  Lance decided to hook me up with some shades so I wouldn't suffer during the drive to Fresno.


I tried my hand at selling some merch…..


Iended up having to take some tips from Mike, Hour of the Wolfs roadie. He gave me some good advice.  He's a master of slinging merch.


I also met a few rad people today.  Eric from the band Wolves and Thieves and HOTW's friend Chris from Fresno.



I concluded my night by hanging out on Hanks cab while Hour of theWolf played.  It was a pretty crazy set that involved people throwingbeach balls while they played.


So far I'm having a great time.  Tomorrow we are playing in SantaCruz and then in Half Moon Bay.  I'm hoping I'll have a chance to swingby my old home at Super7. 

Until then….