Rose Vampire Rides Again!

The Rose Vampire, defender of the Earth once again rises from underground, like a vein of molten lava burning deep within the planet’s core. The Orange Lava Rose Vampire is cast in translucent orange vinyl with clear red paint fade and white and blue painted details, available Thursday, May 28th, 12noon PST, $35 ea.


May 4th at Super7!

May the 4th Be With You this Monday! Come celebrate the finest Sci-Fi Saga in the Galaxy at the Bay Area’s best Star Wars store! Super7 proudly hosts the best selection of Star Wars themed toys, books and apparel, with selected sale styles. Security provided by the local 501st Stormtrooper Garrison.


Sudden Death Alien Soft Vinyl Figure

A creeping fear is lurking on the Nostromo, something sneaking in the shadows, slowly drawing nearer and nearer until…Sudden Death! The horrible Alien creature finds its next victim.

The 4″ tall Sudden Death Alien Soft-Vinyl Figure is cast in deep navy blue vinyl with blood-red splattered paint, and packaged in a deluxe cardboard window box, produced in collaboration by Super7 and Secret Base Japan.

Sudden Death is coming Thursday, May 7th, 12noon, PST, $50 each.Sudden Death Alien

Luminous Lizard Caveman Dinosaur

Deep in his rocky subterranean den, the Luminous Lizard Caveman Dinosaur dwells in darkness! Guided by his natural phosphorescent radiance, the Caveman Dinosaur expertly traverses the treacherous trails underground, where he recharges between adventures.

The 4″ tall Luminous Lizard Caveman Dinosaur figure is cast in glow-in-the-dark soft-vinyl with baby blue, white, pink, and metallic silver sprays.

Available Thursday, May 7th, 12noon PST. $35 each.

Glow-in-the-Dark Luminous Lizard Caveman Dinosaur!

Glow-in-the-Dark Luminous Lizard Caveman Dinosaur!

Alien Egg Chamber Playsets Available this Thursday

Thank you again to all who pre-ordered the ReAction Figures Alien Egg Chamber Playset! All the playsets have now been shipped. As part of our made-to-order edition, a handful of extras were made to cover damaged and lost in shipping orders. These extra playsets will now be made available to the general public. if you missed out last summer, now is your chance to relive the exciting action of the Alien movie on board the Derelict Spaceship!

The ReAction Figures Alien Egg Chamber Playset will be available this Thursday, April 9th, at 12noon PST, $100 ea.



Acidic Orange Alien is here!

The threat of the Alien Green Slime soft vinyl figure has been averted, but the Acidic Orange Alien is on a collision course with Earth!

The Acidic Orange Alien is cast in translucent orange soft vinyl with black paint rub, and will reach Earth Thrusday, April 16th, 12Noon PST. $50 ea