SDCC Shirts Now Available

Several stylish new designs from Super7 debuted at San Diego Comic-Con, and are now available online!

From Skeletor’s Lair:

8-Bit Skeletor – Eternia’s Evil Lord of Destruction reduced to low-resolution is pixelated perfection!


Grayskull Dungeon Sticker – What horrible, gnarly creatures lurk in the dark dungeon of Castle Grayskull?


Skeletor Minimal – The Evil Lord of Destruction melts away into the darkness.


Grayskull Blueprint – The mysterious and powerful Castle Grayskull, imagined as a set of blueprints, crafted by an unknown architect, lost to time..


And from a Galaxy Far Far Away…

Death Star Arcade – That’s no moon, it’s an arcade game! The Death Star is the ultimate power in the universe, so tackle it one brick at a time.


Comic Vader – The Dark Lord of the Sith rendered in the style of the funny pages!


Minimal Leia – As member of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor to the Empire, Princess Leia takes orders from nobody.


Tusken – The fearsome Tusken Raider re-imagined as a classic 1960’s monster Iron-on!


Masters of the Universe Pint Glasses

Straight from the bar of Skeletor’s Lair comes Masters of the Universe glassware featuring classic artwork of Eternia’s most notorious villains! Beast Man, Tri-Klops, Mer-Man and the Evil Lord of Destruction himself adorn this set of four pint glasses to remind you who are the baddest of the bad as you enjoy your favorite beverage.
Each 16 ounce Pint Glass measures approximately 5 ¾” tall. Perfect for use in your kitchen, home bar, or dining area of Snake Mountain.

Available as a set or individually, here.


Battle Cat Hunting Trophy

Straight from Skeletor’s Lair to you comes the life-sized Battle Cat Hunting Trophy! The authentically detailed fiberglass trophy is the perfect addition to the den of any maniacal Lord of Destruction wanting to impress and intimidate their guests, or simply bask in the glory of their own evil power.

The Battle Cat Hunting Trophy is crafted by Los Angeles based art fabrication shop Pretty in Plastic from high-quality painted fiberglass, mounted on a 31″ tall, 22″ wide wooden plaque, and measures 22″ deep from the tip of the nose to the wall. Battle Cat can be displayed with our without the signature helmet, making it the ultimate centerpiece to any Masters of the Universe collection.

Limited edition of 10 pieces worldwide, $8500 each, freight to be arranged individually.

Available now.



Skeletor’s Lair Print by Jason Edmiston

The SDCC 2015 Skeletor’s Lair Pop-Up shop lasted for one week only, but now you can turn your own home into Skeletor’s Lair forever! Super7 is pleased to offer a limited print edition of the Skeletor’s Lair portrait by Jason Edmiston. This gorgeous giclee print features the Lord of Destruction as the Lord of the Manor, taking a moment between adventures to relax by the fireplace on his Battle Cat fur rug.

The 18″ x 24″ signed and numbered edition of 100 Skeletor’s Lair giclee is printed on heavy, textured, acid-free paper using archival inks perfectly matched to the vibrant colors of the original acrylic painting by Jason Edmiston. Printed by Dave Correia.

Available Wednesday, July 29th, 12noon PST, at and, $60 each. Prints ship August 15th.

Skeletor's Lair Giclee Print

Skeletor’s Lair Giclee Print

Skeletor Takes Over Super7 San Diego With Skeletor’s Lair!

It was an exciting Comic-Con year for us with the opening of the new Super7 San Diego, which was transformed into Skeletor’s Lair for the weekend. We carried a bunch of exclusive items including the 4-Pack Prototype Set, Moss Man Chia Pet, M.O.T.U.S.C.L.E. figures, 12″ He-Man and Skeletor Mixed Parts, Pint Glasses and a bunch of new T-Shirt Designs. Also on display were two unbelievable paintings by Ken Kelly and Jason Edmiston and an amazing one-off Castle Grayskull by Amanda Visell to go with her exclusive resin He-Man and Skeletor figures. The two things that had everyone go “Where do I get that?!” was the M.O.T.U. Wallpaper and the 1:1 Scale Battlecat Head Mount by Pretty in Plastic. It’s going to be tough to top Skeletor’s Lair.

Screen Shot 2015-07-16 at 11.33.30 AM 1

Heather Lake of Fox5 San Diego stopped by the Lair Wednesday morning to get a quick sneak peek of the store, as well as get a quick interview with Brian Flynn. Check out the what was once live report HERE.

Brian Altano of IGN had a chance to check out Skeletor’s Lair and get the inside scoop of what was going on with the Super7 x Masters of the Universe line.

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We would also like to thank Edward of Monster Attack Team for the great shots from the grand opening on Wednesday night.

Gargamel x Super7 – Soft Vinyl Skeletor

No words can describe how excited we are about this announcement! Introducing the soft vinyl Skeletor figure, which will only be available at the Skeletor’s Lair during San Diego Comic-Con. Imagine a world where the Japanese audiences caught wind of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. That could have ultimately branched out to even more toys and variations from the 80’s cartoon that we all grew up on. With the help of Gargamel, we now get to experience just that! The unpainted light green Soft Vinyl Skeletor is limit one per person for $60 each.