Alien Playsets Shipping

After their long journey from the outer reaches of the galaxy, the Alien Egg Chambers have reached Earth at last! All pre-orders are currently being filled, and we are now in the final wave of shipping. Very soon, all pre-order customers will be able to re-live the exciting action of the Alien film with their ReAction Figures Alien Egg Chamber Playset!



Molten Magma Fossilla!

The Titan of Toxic Terror menaces the Earth once again! Quake in fear at the Molten Magma Fossilla! Cast in Lava-Red vinyl with glossy sprays of maroon, black, metallic purple and metallic blue, theĀ Deceased and Decomposing Dinosaur destroys everything in its path!

The Molten Magma Fossilla is available this weekend at WonderCon Anaheim, find us at the Super7 booth, #1639, April 3-5!


Green Slime Soft Vinyl Alien!

Super7 and Secret Base have created a new specimen of Xenomorph, the Green Slime Alien soft vinyl figure! Cast in translucent green vinyl with black paint rub, the terrifying 4″ tall Alien creature will reach Earth this Friday, March 20, at 12 Noon PST.


Blasted Earth Wolf

Once upon a time, there was a thing called Earth Wolf. He lived and undied in a magic forest full of things and so forth, until one day he was wandering around with his mind also wandering around, walked smackĀ into a pretty sunset, and got it all over himself. Being an outdoorsy sort, he didn’t really worry too much about cleaning up afterwards. And so, forever blasted by the colors, he lived or died the rest of his days doing the things that an Earth Wolf do, the end.

The Blasted Earth Wolf is cast in vibrant orange vinyl with plenty of colorfully sprayed details, available Thursday, March 5th, 12noon PST. $95 ea.