S7 x SB Alien Vinyl!

In space no one can hear you scream! Super7 and Secret Base strike again with the Alien Xenomorph soft-vinyl figure. Hatched from a mysterious egg found on a remote planet in outer space, the Alien Soft Vinyl Figure has multiplied on its long journey to Earth! Each 4″ tall, posable figure is cast in grey pearlescent vinyl with black paint rub and transparent vinyl dome, allowing the menacing Alien to melt into the shadows and stalk its prey. Open the Japanese window box packaging with caution – once the creature is released, there is no stopping it.

The Alien invasion begins Thursday, October 2nd, 12noon PST at http://www.super7store.com. $50 each.

S7 x SB Alien Vinyl Figure

S7 x SB Alien Vinyl Figure


Lemon Pie Guy And Foster

Super7 has something sweetly refreshing on the menu! Lemon Pie Guy and Foster are freshly baked and available this Thursday, September 25th. Each delightfully delicious two-part Kandy Kaiju soft vinyl figure is cast in lemon yellow vinyl with white and tan sprays.

Satisfy your sweet tooth this Thursday, September 25th, 12noon PST. $25 ea.


SDCC ReAction Figures Alien Egg Chamber Playset Pre-Order

In response to the unexpected outpouring of enthusiasm and support for the Alien Egg Chamber Playset, we are thrilled to offer this limited pre-order for the black box edition of the playset for fans of Alien and ReAction Figures everywhere. This version features the black packaging and a charcoal base with printed cardboard inserts with custom artwork. As this was originally a labor of love project for us here at Super7, we had no idea it would touch the hearts of as many fans as it has. Thank you so much for your support of Super7 and this crazy playset of ours, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do, and that we can continue to make special and unique items like this in the future for you.
The Alien Egg Chamber Playset will be available for pre-order during all days of on site at SDCC and online at our website www.super7store.com. The pre-order will coincide with the show, and will only be available for pre-order from Wednesday July 23rd at 6pm through Sunday July 27th at 5pm. All playsets will be limited to the number of orders received and made to order. Playset bases will be made from hand cast resin unless enough orders are received to manufacture the bases in injection molded plastic. Delivery date for resin bases will be 3-4 months, and injection bases will be 6-7 months (hopefully faster). 
$100 each + $15 shipping (this is a really big box and base), available for pre-order from Wednesday July 21st at 6pm through Sunday July 27th at 5pm, quantities will be made to order.
Alien_Playset_Black2 Alien_Playset_Black1